Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coffee Chat - Board Games --- do cards count?

Yay....   Tuesday ... Coffee Chat time!

This is one of my favorite spots of the week..... 
Really easy.... Hop on over to my sister from another mother over at  Time out for Mom for her weekly coffee chat....this week's topic: 


What were your favourite board games growing up? Do you still play? 

 I have so many fond memories of playing games as a child and then as an adult with my children (both when they were children and as adults). 

 I remember as a child being taught how to play dominoes by my Grandmother... she also taught me how to play Gin Rummy. Now both of these games require extensive concentration for the scoring mechanisms that go with them... and I learned those too. 

 was always one of our favorites (my brother's and mine)... but I do believe this game was remade as Sorry!!!! Which was one of my kid's favorites.

NOTHING can beat an old fashioned game of Chinese Checkers...

Were you any good at it?

Of course NO childhood is sane without these favorites:

I can hardly wait to play with my Grandchildren and of course Candyland!!

But the favorite in our house growing up was:

And then my children had to get their own versions:

But as adults we love Scattegories and new domino game we were introduced to: Chicken Foot.....

I still love a good old fashioned game night.....


  1. Monopoly & scategories - two of my fav's!!! Can I come over and play?

  2. any time.... you are always welcome here!

  3. I love the idea of teaching my grandchildren to play the games. Some of the games suit my electronic kids as well.

  4. Monopoly was always a staple at our place! And dominoes was a favorite with my children as well :) Happy coffee-chatting with ya!

  5. My mom has started to get me into this Domino game lately. It's really fun...but it takes a long time to play with only 2 people.

    Wouldn't it be so awesome if we could all meet up for an actual game night!? What a blast.

    1. that would be soooo fun...but I have a feeling we would never get around to playing games!

  6. We played a game that looked like your Parchesi, but it was called Ludo (in England).
    Monopoly was always the big one though - and cards.
    Thanks for jogging my memory with this. Great fun.

    1. I think there were many variations of Parchesi...

      Thanks for stopping by

  7. My favorite board game was (and still is) Scrabble.


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