Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pondering with a Purpose - Sign

Welcome to Pondering with a Purpose -
 This is my weekly hop where I post a prompt and you get to write to it on your - come back here and add it to my linky and then we all get to go read what you wrote!
I started Pondering with a Purpose because -- simply put -- I am a writer - - that is what I do (I just can't help myself)! And although I love following all the hops, I wanted to see if I could bring out some creativity in not only myself, but some of my blogger friends as well.

The rules are really easy:

1. Grab the Pondering with a Purpose Badge (in my sidebar)
2. Look at the week's prompt
3. Post something on your blog that relates to the prompt - it can be a story, a poem, a picture -- anything you want it to be.
4. Come back here and add the URL from your post to the linky list below.
5. Go check out the other bloggers who have added their links to the list.
6. AND most of all.... Have fun!

Today's prompt is: Sign

This word become the word this week because of something Les said last week..... I will let you go back and read the comments if you're that interested.....

I think of signing documents when I first read this word, but then I have a very good friend who is an interpreter and she uses sign language (now who thinks about that when they read the word 'sign'?)

And of course there are the customary signs: you know, stop signs,yield signs, crosswalk signs.... but how about some of these?

So please let me know what you think of when you see the word 'sign'. I'd love to read your comments, or read your linked up post...or better yet... both!

Happy Pondering


  1. Loved this one. Your signs are terrific.

  2. Love your examples, especially the tiger.

    1. ha ha ha ....that is one my all time favorites!

  3. LOL...I am glad I gave you a great idea!

    those signs are hilarious!! I love reading these funny signs. it's gonna be a long day of internet searching! LOL I got to find those 2 churches that are battling it out on their signs. it's hilarious.

    I also think of that comedian - don't know his name - but it was about stupid people and his tag line was "here's your sign." LOL

    1. his name is Bill Engval!!! and he is still just as funny as he used to be....

  4. Still trying to figure out the toilet sign.

    1. seriously... is that a peeping tom sign???

  5. LOVE the signs, and the 'word'today!
    I need to get over here more often to participate.

  6. Yes, I did the Five Man Electrical Band, 1971. What can I say, it was "me", and I am married to a long-haired guitar man.

  7. Love those signs! I wish they were all that would make my hours on the road go faster.


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