Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pondering with a Purpose - Handle

Welcome to Pondering with a Purpose -
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I started Pondering with a Purpose because -- simply put -- I am a writer - - that is what I do (I just can't help myself)! And although I love following all the hops, I wanted to see if I could bring out some creativity in not only myself, but some of my blogger friends as well.

The rules are really easy:

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6. AND most of all.... Have fun!

Today's prompt is: Handle

Have you ever thought about the fact that there are handles on doors... or are they knobs? or handles on cupboards... or are they knobs?

Also... Do you handle all the issues in your life?
Are you a handler (?) now that is a different approach to the word....
How about too much to handle... now that could mean good things or bad things... don't you suppose?

I handled my kids and now it could be said that they handle me.... Certainly as I get older they will be in charge of the handling of certain things.... like who handles the house? the car? the finances???

Seriously... this is one very complicated word.... don't you agree?

I'd love to read your comments, or your linked up post... or better yet... both!

Happy Pondering


  1. sometimes there is too much to handle...

  2. I've handled it all for so long it just seems normal. It's ok, I can handle it!

  3. I think I have a handle on this ponder today!

  4. Saying you're handling something always makes me think it's a struggle, that the person is tired and just dealing or coping.

  5. Love this prompt!!
    I had fun and got kinda cheeky.....but, there still is a great life lesson to ponder.
    Thus, Purpose.
    Love ya!

  6. Hi Brenda and friends! I'm A-Z'd out, blog vacation is over, and I'm back to add my two-and-a-half cents here. :-) Handle is a great word! Getting a handle on things, a handle on your life... or maybe even a handle on someone's neck... it's all about taking charge and just DOING IT!

  7. I also wanted to say how much I love your new background, it's breathtakingly beautiful, it's inspiring!

    1. agreed Josie!
      it conjures very relaxing feelings too. I could sit by that water all day.


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