Wednesday, May 22, 2013

pondering with a purpose - wind

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I started Pondering with a Purpose because -- simply put -- I am a writer - - that is what I do (I just can't help myself)! And although I love following all the hops, I wanted to see if I could bring out some creativity in not only myself, but some of my blogger friends as well.

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Today's prompt is: Wind

I actually picked this subject before the horrible tragedy in Oklahoma....

I love this word for so many reasons.... First there is the wind that blows through the trees or from the ocean to cool things down....

and then of course the wind that allows us to fly a kite or allow the clothes to dry on a clothesline

And then there is the way you have to wind a clock or an old-fashioned watch
But when I see that word I think of winding up a top and letting it go.....

But! I never thought of wind as in a wind instrument or as in: air that is blown or forced to produce a musical sound in singing or playing an instrument.

And then of course when I looked up the meaning of this word I couldn't help but add this definition: break wind, to expel gas from the stomach and bowels through the anus. (who says these things????)

I would love it if you left a comment or linked up a post or better yet, both!

Happy Pondering


  1. A wind instrument - should have thought of that - daughter played clarinet!

  2. I didn't think of a wind instrument either. Good thinking!

    1. lol.... I just love this concept ... and then we all learn something new

  3. Ocean breezes....oh, how I wish. I didn't think of the musical link, either. Oh well, this was a fun ponder. :)

  4. I definitely thought of wind instrument since I played the flute in high school. it's harder than you might think.
    and as for that other kind of wind...yes, I went there. LOL

  5. I love a good ocean breeze - that's my favorite kind of wind. :)

  6. I will be back with a personal experience about the power of wind! Good prompt!

  7. I love wind, the raw power of nature... making a tangled mess of my hair, but it feels so good... just as long as it doesn't move into that F5 category type stuff, then it's scary wind, bad wind indeed.

    As for "breaking wind", what is it about that topic that makes us laugh? :-) Growing up, we weren't allowed to say "fart" so being the clever children that we were, we reversed it and affectionately referred to my sister's frequent outbursts as "trafs". :-))

    1. I don't know why fart is such a funny word....


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