Monday, March 18, 2013

Author Series - T.L. Higley

I am not interviewing or having any guest post this week as I am trying to do that every other week...but rather than leave a huge hole on a Monday I have decided that I am going to repost old reviews of some of my favorite books....or talk about new books.  If you have a book that you would like me to feature...please let me know!

I am not sure how I ended up getting to a specific site that enabled me to purchase four of the "Seven Wonders Novels" by T. L Higley. But I did and I have to tell you this about the series:

The author writes about the seven wonders as if she had really been there... the first one I read was Shadow of Colossus and it tells an incredible story about a young woman who had been sold into slavery and how the period (227 B.C.) engulfed her... I was mesmerized from the first chapter.

The second one I read:  City of the Dead is all about the building of the pyramids and what life was like back then... of course there is a love story in the middle of it!
But more amazing than that is the way this author enables the reader to really understand what it took to build a pyramid as well as the religious significance that went along with it.

I have just finished Guardian of the Flame .... it is also extraordinary....

I highly recommend you check out this author!

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