Friday, March 8, 2013

Friendship Friday - Spring Forward

Joining Friendship Friday with Ramona at Create with Joy where the topic this week is Spring Forward....
I have a lot to be grateful for in this Spring... I have three healthy children, and two healthy grandchildren.... what an amazing thing to become a Grandmother.... all olf a sudden your children undersatnd when you say The love going down is so much greater than the love going up.... but I digress.... Spring forward...
This is what I propose for springing forward....
Think more about me.... and what I need to fulfill my happiness

Figure out how to include my children and grandchildren into this equation... the major goal is to give my grandchildren the grandmother that they never had...and that will be a contast challenge between being me and the person who becomes my mother....
I have already decided that my investment into my children's and grandchilden's lives will be my moving closer to them and interacting on a daily basis... my life is too short to do anything else.!


  1. I love that the advent of Spring has you doing a bit of "housecleaning" in your life, and making plans to do more of what's most important to you, especially when it comes to family! I would love to move to Tennessee where my kids live... now to win the lottery!:)

    1. lol...well yesterday I got really good news and I can keep my job even after I move...that is just one less thing to worry about!

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  3. I am so happy for you & your children


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